Meeting for the Dissemination of the "Second Idea Contest"

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Jornadas de difusion del Segundo Concurso de Ideas Nuevas propiedades del Hormigon Arquitectonico

Meeting for the Dissemination of the "Second Idea Contest"

"New features of Architectural Concrete"




Prehorquisa finishes assembly work on the "Botellero"

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Prehorquisa finaliza los trabajos de montaje de la fachada "Botellero"Prehorquisa finishes  assembly work on the "Botellero" of Rioja's Cultural Center (CCR), in Logroño:





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Los Reyes de España visitan el stand de Logroño y manifiestan su interés por el botellero de este pabellónThe King and Queen of Spain, Juan Carlos and his wife Sophia visited the Logroño 'stand' at the opening ceremony of the International Tourism Fair in Madrid.


Agreement between ANfhARQ and FYM

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Acuerdo entre ANfhARQ y FYM para la Creacion del Concuso de Ideas Nuevas propiedades del Hormigon Arquitectonico Cemento TX ActiveAgreement between ANfhARQ and FYM for the Creation of "Concourse of Ideas: New features of Architectural Concrete + TX Active Cement"



Prehorquisa begins assembly of the "Botellero"

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Prehorquisa inicia el montaje de la fachada del "Botellero"The Cultural Center of Rioja is built on four main elements: the cellar which recreates the old aging fretwork (and recovers traditional fretwork from archaeological studies); a large central patio that combines the distributor role of la Rioja with exhibition space, welcoming activities with a central roofing system that simulates the rooftops of Old Town


Prehorquisa selected for Tectonica

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Prehorquisa has been selected to be included in the Most Innovative Products and Systems of the Year in the magazine TECTONICA.




Publication of the list of winners

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Publication of list of winners of the 132 VPO units near the Plaza de Toros in Segovia.



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