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In recent years, PREHORQUI, SA, is developing new strategies to expand looking for new business opportunities beyond our borders.

Diversification and multi-location is essential in a highly competitive and global economy. These are one of the pillars to create added value within the company, developing new ideas, new business processes and what is more important, helps to change the mentality of our human and professional capital and makes us discover new opportunities.

At PREHORQUI, S.A., We've carried out work and assemblies for leading companies, both nationally and internationally. We would like to point out the football stadiums in Equatorial Guinea, where PREHORQUISA participates in collaboration with a new architectural precast concret company (ACON, SL), located in the city of BATA, to develop precast concrete elements in this African country.

Together with other Group companies, we have worked in Angola, Algeria, Cuba, Nicaragua, Portugal and Venezuela.

Nowadays PREHORQUI, S.A. is opening new markets in countries such us PERÚ.


BRIHORQUI is a construction company with solid experience in developing engineering projects and it was born by the merger of two companies: PREHORQUI, S.A. and BRILLAS AGUSTÍ, leading construction company.

Currently BRIHORQUI has an office in San Isidro, Lima

PREHORQUI, S. A. actively participates in the ICEX-NEXT Program that supports the internationalization of small and medium Spanish enterprises.

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