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Prefabricated panels are fundamental elements of industrialization process of construction, and are huge advantages over traditional methods.

Among others, the following are highlights:

  • Versatility in design
  • Fast Start
  • Reduction of "in situ" work
  • Improved insulation values
  • Increased Safety
  • Better coordination with other trades
  • Ensuring good quality management and high quality control

Image Gallery of the manufacture process.


Description of the process:

The phases of architectural concrete panels consists of the following:

  • Project development by our prefabrication technicians based on the instructions from Work Management.
  • Execution (based on the agreed period) of the number of molds required for the completion of the project.
  • Introduction of appropriate reinforcement (twice as long) as well as the placement of anchors, and the filling and vibrating the concrete.
  • Removal of prefabricated concrete at the joints for a more finished as well as cosmetic look.
  • Transportation of supports that protect the panels.
  • Assembly, anchoring of the panel to the structure at at-least four points.

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