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At Prehorquisa, company leader in Prefabricated Architectural Concrete, we focus on innovation, technology, know-how as our tools of the trade, for which we have a team of professionals committed to the completion of your project with a maximum guarantee for quality and a strict compliance to deadlines.

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The company was founded in 1988 and is dedicated to the implementation of Prefabricated Architectural Concrete Elements.

All of our products are based on the information provided by the clients, which we make, adapting to the time that the completion of each project takes.

PREHORQUISA LTD. is a member of the National Association of the Prefabricated Concrete Industry (ANDECE) and a founding member of the National Association of Architectural Concrete Manufacturers (ANFHARQ)

At our facilities, we are able to create your designs, while offering the support that you need
to develop your projects.


Our 10,500 m2 facility's departments:

  • Management
  • Administration
  • Tech Department
  • Quality Department
  • Manufacture

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