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The increasing competitiveness of our socio-economic environment, the emergence of new development opportunities and the sharp reduction of the life cycle of services and products, foster PREHORQUISA’s support and investment in R&D as the best weapon to lead a highly competitive marketplace as ours.

A high level of R & D in the companies implies an increase in its strength and competitiveness. Thereby, their products or processes positively differ from their competition. Socially, many of the results are potentially generating progress in quality of life, improving environment and health.

PREHORQUI,S.A.has worked in the development of new concretes, to increase the durability of the products and the implementation of new manufacturing technologies; but especially facilitating the architect’s work with the development of products that are assembled easily on site, with the goal of zero risk in assembly and verified technical characteristics on the finished product.

Nowadays, PREHORQUISA coordinates a project funded by the MINECO (DIABLO), it is a partner in a project funded by the MINECO (ACTICEN) and manages, with own resources, two other projects together with the “Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña” (PNFU) and engineers of the “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid” (SIMULAMAT). All these projects, with the recently finished ETIXc (funded by the CDTI) and ACUÑA projects (funded by the MICINN and MINECO) are detailed below.

ACUÑAPrototype wedge shaped pieces for spillways.

DIABLODesign code spillways formed by wedge shaped pieces.

ETIXcPrecast concrete façade system with high energy efficiency.

SIMULAMATPrediction software for test results at concrete breaking point.

PNFUPrecast panels with waste tire granulate.

ACTICENNew sustainable concrete made with chemical-physically pre-activated ashes.


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