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At PREHORQUISA, quality is our first concern, and is the best way to project completion and continuous improvement of processes, scrupulously following the System of Quality Management and is established and certified according to standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008.
The Management of PREHORQUISA, LTD., aware of the responsibility acquired  in undertaking its activities has established an Integrated Management System, in agreement with the requirements of the rules:

- UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008.-  Quality Management Systems
- UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004.-  Environmental Management Systems.
- OHSAS 18001:2007.- Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems.

All the required resources (material, knowledge, technological and financial) and personnel are provided.

This Integrated Management System is currently being audited and in November will begin Phase II of the audit.

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Quality, the environment and risk prevention have been distinguishable and recognizable characteristics of PREHORQUI, LTD. from the beginning in order to ensure consistent results, taking into account the economic and social aspects, with a permanent vision of continuous improvement of processes.
This approach is based on the core values of social responsibility, teamwork, elimination of any activity that does not provide real added value (such as the cost of poor quality), respect for the environment, job security, satisfaction of a job well done, spirit of service, a technical basis and implementation and factory compliance.

PREHORQUI, LTD. policy is based on the following principles:

  • Identify and meet the needs and expectations of customers. PREHORQUI, LTD. is to serve our customers, with a commitment to society, the environment and the health and safety of our employees, respecting the legal and regulatory framework established for each case.
  • Identify and comply with legal requirements, statutory, regulatory and other requirements that PREHORQUI, LTD. enters into with interested parties and which are applicable to products and/or services that we develop, to the environmental and health and safety risks that our business generates.
  • Identify the environmental aspects that arise from the business activities of PREHORQUI, LTD that may or may not have significant impacts on the environment, and reduce them.
  • Identify the health and safety risks in the workplace that arise from the business activities of PREHORQUI, LTD. and that may cause accidents or harm to our workers.
  • Have both the human, infrastructure and work environment resources necessary to supply the services requested by the customer and for the development of quality management, and environmental health and safety at work.
  • Increase efficiency in the internal workings of PREHORQUI, LTD, through the implementation of a management system that allows us to detect, analyze and improve our weaknesses, environmental protection and health and safety at work.
  • Exceed the expectations that the customer has of the PREHORQUI, LTD. product or service through the planning and monitoring of targets for improvement.
  • Continuous Improvement in the quality of our products and services, our processes, our interactions with the environment and workplace health and safety.
  • Prevent environmental contamination, accidents in the workplaces and poor health of personnel that participate in the business activities of PREHORQUI, LTD.
  • Ensure the consultation and participation of the employees, as well as the information, education and training needed in all matters related to quality, environment and health and safety in the workplace.

In order to comply with this Policy, the cooperation of all personnel that belong to or work in agreement with PREHORQUI, LTD., to improve the position and prestige of the company in the domestic market.

The Policy will be reviewed by management to ensure continued goal orientation with the Organization's needs and the expectations of the client.

PREHOURQUI, LTD.'s policy is communicated to all levels of the organizations through its display in the office.


    PREHORQUISA, in its Declaration of Performance ensures the quality of their products (precast concrete panels, stairs and linear structural elements), and this is consistent with the essential requirements of the Directives that apply. It also has the CE Certificates of Factory Production Control for these elements.

    Gallery of CE Marking Certificates

    images/resized/images/stories/calidad/2017/ce/7_1_cea87cpd 3000588_es_2017-01-18_electronico-1_143_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2017/ce/7_1_cea87cpd 3000588_es_2017-01-18_electronico-2_140_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2015/certificados/declaracion-de-prestaciones-fachadas_142_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2015/certificados/ficha-tecnica-marcado-ce-fachadas-09-03-2015_111_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2015/certificados/declaracion-de-prestaciones-fachadas-sandwich_142_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2015/certificados/ficha-tecnica-marcado-ce-fachadas-sandwich-09-03-2015_108_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2015/certificados/declaracion-de-prestaciones-fachadas-portantes_142_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2017/ce/ficha tecnica marcado ce fachadas portantes 09-03-2015_111_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2015/certificados/declaracion-de-prestaciones-grc_142_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2017/ce/ficha tecnica marcado ce grc2_118_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2017/ce/8_9_cea87cpd 3000294_es_2017-03-08_electronico-1_142_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2017/ce/8_9_cea87cpd 3000294_es_2017-03-08_electronico-2_142_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2015/certificados/2014-ddp-eltos-lineales_142_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2015/certificados/ficha-tecnica-marcado-ce_3_generico-09-03-2015_121_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2017/ce/12_cea87cpd 3000295_es_2017-03-08_electronico_141_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2015/certificados/declaracion-de-prestaciones-escaleras_142_200.jpgimages/resized/images/stories/calidad/2015/certificados/ficha-tecnica-marcado-ce-escaleras-09-03-2015_108_200.jpg

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